May 10, 2007


270 Bleecker Street
(212) 924-6664

This tiny West Village restaurant is always busy but always worth the wait. The risotto is yummy and served in pretty substantial portions (unless you're a linebacker, I guess). I've enjoyed the Asparagus & Saffron, the Parma Ham, Fontina & Arugula, and the Feta, Spinach & Roasted Red Peppers. Most of the items on the menu are gluten free — even the pizza, which has been really exciting for a friend of mine who can't tolerate gluten. The same goes for the tasty breadsticks they serve and, I believe, several of the beers.

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TD said...

I second this recommendation! This place is yummy. Breadsticks are super and they keep'em coming. When are we going back?

TD said...

Three cheers for the roasted garlic, arugula, and oven-dried tomato risotto, which I had tonight. And those breadsticks. Yum!