May 10, 2007


140 West 13th Street
(212) 645-4606

If you're in the Union Square area and want Italian that won't change your life but is definitely in a high tastiness percentile, then go here. Jason and I tried it out a couple of weeks ago with some friends. We started with a cheese and meat plate (mmmm) and some fried olives. Yes, you heard me. Fried olives. I'm a little sad to report that this concept is a little better on paper than in practice — but they're still definitely worth trying.

For mains, Jason and I split a pizza and a pasta dish. (Forgive me, for I don't remember which ones. It seems to be a place that changes up the menu and does a lot of specials. Good for the diner, bad for the blogger who doesn't take notes and depends on Menupages to remind her what she ate.) Gonzo's thing is super thin crusts on their pizzas, and they are indeed thin, crispy, and tasty. But as Jason pointed out, it's tough to go too far wrong with pizza. The wine selection is good, though, and overall it's a pleasant experience (no snobby waiters a la A Voce). So go, and mange!

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