June 29, 2007

Turkish Kitchen

386 3rd Avenue
(212) 679-1810

A little birdie told me that that Turkish Kitchen has, hands down, the best Turkish food in New York. And considering that little birdie is an honest-to-goodness descendant of the Ottoman Empire, I take his word for it. You should, too.

I've been here a couple of times, and it's always been delicious. Last time Jason and I went, we split the Icli Kofte (bulghur patties, stuffed with ground lamb, pinenuts, black currants and walnuts) as an appetizer, and I had the Etli Yaprak Dolmasi (Grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice and herbs) as my entree. Jason got a lamb casserole special that was, well, pretty special. We finished it off with the Kunefe (shredded wheat with pistachio and cheese soaked in syrup and baked in oven), which was a little bit too good to really be happening. But it happened, and all rejoiced.

If you go, try to get a table upstairs, and be sure to try one of the fun cocktails. The blackcurrant martini may sound girly, but Mr. Ottoman Empire didn't sneeze at it. And if he doesn't, then a chump like me won't, either.

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TD said...

Yummy! I am going out for Turkish elsewhere later this week...if the group likes it and wants to explore Turkish cuisine in the city further, I will definitely bring up your rec!